Puppy Academy

29 Now. 2019 Puppy Education

This is a new initiative that I start, partly because I can see that a lot of dog trainers are starting wrong (in my opinion) from the beginning.
Here you will have the opportunity every week to follow my foundation’s work with my new (upcoming Dog) ” Zepp”.

Every friday at 7.30 pm I upload a free video with Zepp, he will be 8 weeks when I start my training, and keep making videos until he is 10 months. Here you will experience conflicts, problems and misunderstandings between dog and handler, but you will also learn from week to week, how any conflicts are resolved and worked with. some trainings will be simpel some will not=)

This training period is free.

If this sounds exciting!!

Then request on FACEBOOK to join the “I.P.A Puppy Education” group on facebook.
All videos will be shared in this group.

You must send me a message befor I ADD you to the grup.☝️