Froulund Simba


Froulund simba is my current competition dog.
Simba (JAKO) is a very elegant dog with a VERY big portion of natural drive. Simba is in many ways a fun dog to work with because he has a big natural need to please and he is a dog that hardly can run tired.
In the protection he works with high intensity and it is easy to see that he is a streetfighter and not a soldier, sometimes too high, but still the intensity is high, he still bites like a crocodile.
Simb will start his competition career in April 2019.

Froulund Eddie


Eddie had and has a special place in my heart. Eddie was amazing in every way. He was and is an experience for life.
High drive, SUPER grip, always full and carm.
The plans with Eddie were that I should have been out to compete with him but for personal reasons I had to sell him …
But Eddie’s sale certainly was not a bad decision.
I was lucky that Francis Cote from Canada bought Eddie, a new dogtrainer the game. but  in the way Eddie is educated(all my dogs)as Francis as the new handler of Eddie it was easy to take over with him, of course, with the help of me.( they have been a super team together)
Francis & Eddie got MANY amazing experiences, Regional champion and 2 place Regional -Fci Participant and many super trails.
 Francis got the credit to show a dog that could in the most elegant way move backwards to him from the blind. Only dog in Canada who can this. And third dogs in the world who have shown this to a championship, the first dog in the world was Tobias Oleynik & And Cuba, second dog in the world was Bajlum Ando, ​​who was also one of my dogs from 8 weeks until he was 16 months old. Froulund Eddie. became the third dog in the world who could come backwards from the blind 

Froulund Eddie Backwards out of blind

Froulund Eddie

Hesselballe Vito

Vito was a dog with high drive but also a little too many nerves, but in many ways a really funny dog, super athletic and always full motivated to work. !!!
A special dog, capable of handling high levels of pressure, both in obedience and protection.
Marianne my wife took over because she would like a dog that was already trained. Only thing she had to learn where the little signals Vito had learned through the training .. They did a great job a couple of times, but then my wife became pregnant and did not have much time for Vito,  When the decision was made, Vito was sold to Canada to Mario Lamare, Vito and Mario have made great results since

Vito Part of a movie

Bajlums Ando

Ando was a special dog with very much carm in his head
not a dog with a big ball drive but a great defense drive.
This dog was trained VERY technical, without focus on praydrive ..
Too much technique training from 8 weeks to 16 months made our roads go separate because Ando only saw me as a food machine and not a playmate
He was sold to Kennel Hesselballe and with them he became qualified for the world championship.
They did what I could not.

Bajlums Ando 14 month

Bajlums Ando 6,5 month

Bajlums Ando

Those that have been mentioned here, are the dogs who sits the best in my memory..