About Me

Dennis V. Houen

My name is Dennis Vedel Houen and I’m 35 years old, and married to Mariann. I am the farther of 2 girls (Alberte-Alma) and a bonus dad to Nikkie & Nicklas.

I started in the dog sport when I first learned to walk.

My parents have been engaged in dog training and breeding throughout my life. I have always been fascinated by all the great and skilled dog trainers  around the world and a great deal of my knowledge coms from many professional people around the world, all combined to my own style.

Like many others, you start at a point where you do not know much about dog training, I had a lot of help from my parents, and all her dog friends.

As a little boy, my parents always took me to the training field, and when you grow up in a deeply integrated dog world, and from a are very young age, dog training became natural for me.
I have experienced many things in my time in the dog world, I have experienced friendly and helpful people, and people who only think of themselves and for no means will do what ever it taks to achieve what they want. I have experienced amazingly inspiring people such as Bart Bellon and Tobias Oleynik and Jogi Zank.
People who all have influenced the world to see dog training with other eyes.

I have for many years worked as a protection helper and also been the instructor of Denmark’s best helper group (some years back) =)
I have been a helper for many competitions in Denmark

I have helped people go to the many championships for IPO with satisfactory results including FCI vm & Wusv (none mentioned none forgotten)

Through all these amazing dog trainers , I have designed my own training that suits my type as a person and in my belief all type of dogs. After repeated experiences, in a young age, I began to be fascinated by the many various  behaviors. I am always drawn to special behaviors and have over time found a particular behavior in the dog.  The training is specialize and with special focus on powerful behavior developed by the dog itself, using classical and operative learning methods combined with negative and positive reinforcement, a reward may not necessarily be something the dog gets in the mouth, but it can also be just to avoid the behavior that the dog has been required by the dog.(bending the rules)

Many people say they train Negative -positive-positive, but their dog shows demotivation and boring behavior. when the dog show that form of attitude, so you have not trained NPP but PPN.

I.P.A is a training called NPFP


I do not train for perfect exercises like all other dog trainers around the world, I train for perfect Behavior.  because perfect exercise comes by itself through repetitions, always only a matter of time-timing and pressure.

The easiest way to train your dog is through a classic learning principle, this is also a learning method used worldwide and extremly well-functioning.  As I look at it, if you train the dog in a pure classical learning process, my experience is repeatedly resulting in a soulless-demotivated and boring dog. I know that for myself… My experience by now MANY different dogs in my hands, are that if the foundation of the dog’s basic education becomes too technical, then the technique kills the dogs drive and the dog’s Pandora box will automatically stay close, Pandora’s box is meant to mean that the dog’s genetic qualities will never be expressed because the dog’s general sense of life is never to think a thought itself but always receives orders. (soldier)
I want a streetfighter, a dog who knows the rules, but dares to test the rules to the fullest. therefore NpFP  through a operand/classical learning process, you change the dog’s behavior so that he learns to solve problems himself, saying in other words that he will be a creative dog, with power and passion.  Other dog trainers train for pure positive training, everything looks really nice, but at some point, the dog trainer begins to increase the requirement for their dog, and together with this, the normal reaction from a dog when he only at a late age,  is presents to negative training.( not get a reward is also negative)=) In most cases, the negative training is Coming too late, and it will affect the dog to show demotivation, because the negative suddenly comes as lightning from a blue sky. We need the free will to tune the dog into the behavior or exercise we wish. A dog who has learned an exercise or a special behavior will always return to this exercise ore behavior if the dog is exposed to negative (no food, negative stimoli, etc.) because a dog is 100% MEGA EGOIST, and a dog only understands what is an advantage or an disadvantage for him…
Free will will always be stronger than a forced. I WANT THE DOG TO BE THE BOSS.. ( this he must think…

I do not want my dog ​​over time to become demotivated and slow, therefore, NpFP (negative-positive-fusion-positive) It is very similar to Negative-Positive-Positive but with the severe dispute in which the dog itself forms the fustration, because a self-thought thought will always be stronger than a force one.

I do not want a soldier that do not dare to think a thought himself, but a streetfighter who dares to go to war day by day, and for every day give more and more .. power comes by itself, now you just must learn to manage it, but I can help you with that…

I Hope you find what you can use here on the page, and I wish you all the best of luck with your future training

Dennis v. Houen

Never depend on others to create your own happiness
Dennis V. Houen