Obedience is protection & protection is obedience

Use your protection drive in obedience & use your obidience in protection

One of the biggest problems in the IGP sport as I see it, is that the dog handlers around the world is not very good at making, a useable drive in obedience, which show in a slow and boring program, as a spectator. Let’s chance this!!!

Obedience is direct reward, that means protection is indirect reward. =) We all know in the IGP sport that controlling the dog, in protection can be a big problem for many handlers, because the dog are getter’s better and better, witch also show in the dogs ability to make drive. Is is always fun to have a dog with lots of drive in the beginning, but as time goes, the high drive that we made in the dog, is very fast a problem for our routine program. In the beginning of the education of the puppy, we always focus on the dogs drive, because we don’t want to miss this in the future, also because nobody wants to be missing the drive in a IGP dog, we always say that it is better to have TO MUCH then to little…! So we make sure we certainly do not have to little drive, and then we start to loos the controle.

It do not show in your obedience training in the beginning, because everything is going good, and you have a good play drive on the ball, which means you have a reward that the dog wants to work for. No it startes in the protection training…. Almost everybody wants to have a powerfull “hold & barking” in the blind, and why not.. it looks super cool and it`s what the judges want to see, for you to make the points! if you are lucky to have a helper that can create a powerfull behavior on your dog in the blind, then just be happy=) but what you have to think about is that the helper is not the one how has to controle this “BEAST” that he made, it is you… The helper is not the one to deal with the conflict from the angry drug addict, when you have to call this “fucker” out of the blind!! It is only you and you alone..Okay now I got you thinking….Maby..=)

Now lets get back to the main talk =)

In the begenning we talk about that obedience is protection & protection is obedience…? Why do I say this..? Well I say this because if you want to have at powerfull obedience program to show, when you go to trail ore competition, then you need to use your BEST reward you have in obedience to show the dog that it is worth working for… But what is the best reward you have? a ball, a ball with a leash in ore what…. NOOOO!! It`s your protection drive, that is the highest cocain you have, for your dog, then why reward with at lower drive, then what you actually have??? I you want ho have a powerfull behavior from your dog in obedience, just like you have in protection, then start to think in “DIRECT REWARD & INDIRECT REWARD” And no, I am not saying that you have to use a helper when you do obedience!!

“It is not the reward that gives the powerfull behavior, it’s the EXPECTATION for the reward that gives the powerfull expression from your dog (dopamin)

I you want to learn how to get your protection drive in your obedience routine & and your strong obedience in your protection routine, then sign up for a seminar with Innovating power academy.


Take care


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