35 seminars in 1 year

Hey you guys!

I have held a total of 35 seminars this year😱 and helped many many people to a much cooler understanding of the dog sports, and especially the art of creating a fast top motivated dog that creates drive through the program and not demotivates through the program. 


I am not a world champion, I have not won all competitions that I have participated in. I have over the years (25 years) experienced many ups and downs, I have been quarantined from the clubs, the judges do not like me because I do not look up to them like many other participants, I dare say my opinion even though it does not always fit well in everyone’s taste …

but but … I’m still in the game and I always will be, because I am driven by my “Why” Why do I spend all my time caring for other people’s dogs, why helping others with their problems, and when the time comes and the success comes…. and then being stabbed in the back again and again, because dog sports have an ugly face … why continue ..

Why continue to teach dog people everything I do throughout my relatively long dog life and with tons of experience from all the good, but certainly also the bad years of dog training … because I have my “why”! …. why travel around the most of the country/world with all my innovating and technical smart points of view for dog training, and always helping people to success , when I get judged on this when I go myself…..why continue! .. BECAUSE I have my “why” …

My “WHY”

I continue in this sport because I love it, I get dragged by it, becourse it gives me the feeling of Power when I walk on the field with something I know is cool to watch, the rush and danger that runs through my body because I know that all those who talk badly about what I do is MEGA envy… and it’s not a problem for me because I know it, I know it because most of you have been to one of my seminars. =)
The RUSH and feeling it gives me when I’ve spent countless hours and days away from MY family, just so YOUR competition will go well, and experience the joy it gives you and your family, because of what I’ve helped you with, it is you who get the sucess and the cup. But I get the feeling of infinite power to continue, because if I can make you experience the sucess, then I can also make someone else experience the same sucsses .. again and again and again .. just as I have been doing for many many years now.
The feeling I get in my body every time I help a beginner or vice-world champion with a problem they can’t solve, the experience and compassion these people show to me, just because the problem is solved or explained why it came, is 101% priceless..

I continue because I have the Drive – Passion – Hope & Ignition

What is your “why”…?

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