Boston Massachusetts

The first few days of my trip over here have gone and today it`s rest day =) before my 3 day seminar starts.
Listen to what Mike from North Boston Dog training has to say about the first few days of training.

Never Exercise Only Behavior

From Luring to perfect behavior = Perfekt exercise

in only 4 days of training “NpFP”

I have traveled across the Atlantic to try to influence the dog people in the US and it seems to work. My NpFP System, vision and approach to dog sports is very different from what they are used to, where everyone who usually comes and holds seminars always comes and teaches how to get a dog to do a quick exercise without thinking about how the dog generally appears . My approach to the IGP program is out of the question with a skeptical view of the IGP program, where many other large dog handlers all around the world always focus on perfect exercises and not perfect behavior.
There are not many different ways to teach a dog a quick exercise, but learning a dog that he must be top motivated both before and after the exercise is difficult, strong expressions require strong philosophies and simple practice so that everyone can achieve this, the only thing is that you need to learn how …
But that’s what I do..I teach people how to get a strong expression from your dog side by using the dog’s own Free will, with a dispute of many years of experience in good and evil, which has led to the system “NpFP Negative -positive-fustration-positive
NpFP is a tactical interconnection of classical and operand learning adapted to the IGP program.

“What an amazing Innovating Power Academy Seminar!! Dennis Houen is lightyears ahead in his concepts and applications of drive manipulation, creating power, and free will in obedience and protection. His system allows you to do so much with your own dog. That not only does not cause conflict, but creates clarity and intensity!! I and all the people who were fortunate enough to attend his seminar this weekend are totally blown away!!!

Mike Harrington North Boston Dog training

“Perfect for trainers with very limited access to club helpers. training that traditionally can only be done at the club or with the help from others now you can do it by yourself in your own backyard”.

Ed Choi

 “Wow! a weekend of constant learning and understanding. Dennis is very clear in his explanations and is also very patient. The focus on” behavior not the exercise” was a great help – i learned so much on how to develop the behavior and the drive. Dennis’ approach makes complete sense and we saw over the two day intensive that it got results with all our dogs and the handlers. No matter the level of the handler or the dog, his approach worked”.

Jocelyn Moroney

My 3 day seminar is now over, the orders for several seminars in the United States is rolling in as rings in the water. It makes me of course happy because you do not have to have trained a dog for many years to get the same expression and power as an experienced dog handler, the difference is perhaps that on my seminars comparet to others is that I do not keep the secret back, and that is also what people see and listen on my seminars, I teach people everything from start to finish, focuses exactly as much on the beginner as on the experienced dog trainer, all must have the opportunity to be independent of others unless other options are present. I just choose however always independence.

see ya


Boston B/C Seminar July 2019

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